Customer Service Experience

Resurgence IT

Customer service is the leading factor driving the success of Resurgence IT. Outside of our approach to business and supporting you, we could be viewed as any other IT provider.

So, what makes us different:

  • Communication is #1. We want your experience from the moment you have an issue until it is completed to be one where you are informed and confident we have you covered! Whether you send in an email request, call in for live support, or we identify a problem before you know about it, we document our work and ensure at the end your issue was solved to your satisfaction. Every time!
  • Our ticket system is leading in the industry and allows us to keep track of your issues with precision while automatically tracking each time we connect to your network. Each client can access our ticket portal to ensure tickets are getting addressed in a timely manner, adding notes with requests.
  • Our team is setup in a way to maximize our efficiency to handle your requests in a timely manner. We have technicians dedicated to onsite support, while others are dedicated to answer help desk issues on the phone. We have a technical coordinator who is first line to ensure all the pieces of your request are handled by the right technician on a schedule that works for you.

At the end of the day, there are a multitude of IT support guys out there. Knowing how to fix a computer, doesn’t make you a professional. Our approach ensures the long relationship we have with our clients, as well as the growth of our company through quality referrals we consistently receive.

Make us “Your New Beginning In IT Support” and I guarantee we will give you the best experience you can imagine!