In-House Vs. Outsource

Resurgence IT

The debate continues! There certainly are valid reasons for both options. At Resurgence IT, we have provided all varieties of support for our clients including:

  • Full IT support where we are it! From desktop to server support, to design, maintenance and anything in between related to technology.
  • Hybrid or augmented IT support for larger clients who have In-House staff. We work to provide server support, additional desktop support, project management, IT strategy, and even management of their staff.
  • Managed Services are also a way we can provide solutions for backup to cloud, antivirus, or hosted Exchange email. These are solutions every company needs so why not use Resurgence IT to provide them?

We are asked the following question from time to time: “If I am outsourcing now, at what point should I consider moving to In-House support, if ever?” The fact is there are companies from 5 to over 500 who rely on Outsourcing because they understand the value proposition. That doesn’t mean an assessment isn’t needed, and it might not be the right decision for your company. Every business need is different and must constantly be evaluated as businesses go through changes of growth or expansion.

Below are some points to consider when making that decision:

More can be accomplished in less time. With a team of guys ranging in ability outsourcing provides a bigger punch to solve issues faster and implement solutions more quickly.

  • Outsource technicians are faced with challenges every day that In-House guys might see only every 3 years when something needs to be upgraded.
  • Challenges force my team to stay current on technology whereas In-House guys easily become stale and outdated in their knowledge.
  • Vacation and hit-by-a-bus scenarios increase the exposure of businesses if you have 1 or 2 In-House guys.
  • Documentation and cross-pollination of your network and the knowledge of details to keep you running smoothly are part of a successful Outsourcing model.

At the end of the day, the question isn’t should you outsource but rather how can I benefit most from outsourcing. We would be happy to meet with you, understand your business and environment, and work with you to adapt the best model to fit your needs.