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Having a modern computer system is essential in running a successful business. Keep your Santa Clarita business technology up and running with Resurgence IT.

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By bringing in over 20 years of experience, owner Jeremy Stepan and the team at Resurgence IT are excited to help improve your business productivity and maintain stable and secure infrastructure to keep your business in top working condition.

Whatever your needs, Resurgence IT has a solution for you. Set your business up with a strong computer network, voice over IP telephone services, IT project management, just to name a few of the services offered. Technology is always evolving and it’s important to keep up with the latest technological trends. Rest assured your business will always be on industry leading hardware and software solutions at a cost that is right for the size of your company.

As with any discipline, preventative measures are extremely important. Resurgence IT believes that it is best to prevent problems before they happen. Using high quality hardware, as well as proven software solutions, Resurgence IT aims to keep businesses running smoothly. In the case of an emergency, Resurgence IT is there to get problems fixed quickly and your business back into working order.

Protect Your Business, Protect Against Hacks

One of the biggest issues facing Santa Clarita businesses is the risk of people hacking into their computer systems. Even using the best practices, such as using properly secure passwords and strong antivirus software, hacks are still a possibility. In this case it is important to have an expert available to properly identify and protect against security threats before they even happen. In the case of a hack, Resurgence IT professionals are able to properly recover your files and systems from the attack.

Owner Jeremy Stepan has vast experience building and growing business. He is in touch with the importance of good IT work in the growth of a company. Using his experience as a youth coach as well as an entrepreneur, Stepan believes that every relationship matters. As a self-described “handshake kind of guy” Stepan strives to keep customers fulfilled by sticking to his promises. He brings this value to Resurgence IT by making sure he and his team are always providing excellent customer service.

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