IT Strategy Support

Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer are both titles of C-Level employees in larger organizations. These positions come with very high price tags but they are indispensable to their business.

Some of the things they provide:

  • Setting replacement schedules for computers, servers, and equipment to ensure up-time is maximum
  • Manage projects from design to implementation
  • Meeting with other C-Level staff to review and ensure the IT support and infrastructure are meeting the needs of the company
  • Creating budgets for IT expenditures based on equipment replacement, staffing costs, support for the company, training, and deploying new solutions
  • Manage vendor relationships to ensure the best price and products are delivered

It is obvious that businesses under 300 staff are challenged to justify a position of this level. That is where Resurgence IT Strategy Support steps in to fill the need. Our support can be provided annually, quarterly, monthly, or whenever you are planning a significant change with your company. We want to be your first call when considering anything related to IT in your business.

Some examples of how we’ve helped our clients are the following:

  • Building moves including cabling, ISP and teleco procurement
  • Procurement of new line of business applications
  • Creating IT budgets
  • Infrastructure upgrades beyond 1 or 2 servers
  • Multi-site, multi-state expansion

The goal of our Strategy Support is to spend focused, high-level thinking on either a onetime need or ongoing goals of your business. We interface with all levels of professionals to bridge everyone together, coming up with the very best strategies for your success! We’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars by providing this service.

Let us help you make your next IT decision be your best!