RIT Backup

Resurgence IT

Your data is the life-blood of your business. What data are we referring to?

How about email, shared company data, personal data stored on your computer or mobile device, line of business application, and network infrastructure such as you servers. Backups are good for one purpose, to recover data when you have any number of issues or disasters.

Are you covered when this happens:

  • You worked all night on revising a spreadsheet and the file becomes corrupt when you finally save it.
  • Your mobile phone gets stolen and you had critical company data and email on the phone.
  • A staff member inadvertently deletes a directory in your shared server drive.
  • A staff member clicked the wrong link on the wrong website and infected your network with a crypto virus.
  • Your server crashes.
  • You need to terminate an employee and aren’t confident they haven’t taken intellectual property.

These are some of the typical scenarios we experience with our clients. With the proper solutions in place, most of these are quickly mitigated. The most painful times in our job is when the proper solution was not put in place. The results can be devastating for a business ranging from a couple hours of work to thousands of dollars and business closure.

Backup and disaster recovery solutions protect your business. There are many solutions out there but they aren’t created equal. We specialize in enterprise driven solutions. Secure, stable, powerful, and built for business is what we implement.

Are you covered? Resurgence IT can give you the peace of mind to focus on your business.