RIT Email

Business email is not email from the old days of AOL or Yahoo. True business email is comprised of the following necessities: one set of data (email, calendar and contacts) stored on a server, always in sync with multiple devices such as: your desktop, laptop, mobile device, or the web. Securely sync’d and always backed up.

Email, calendar and contacts are critical to every business and have become the primary form of communication with your clients.

  • Do you have a requirement to send encrypted email to a client or vendor? We have you covered!
  • Do you have a requirement to archive all your email for 7 years? We have you covered!
  • Do you struggle now with your mobile phone being out of sync with Outlook, and your contacts not matching? We have you covered!

Business email is a necessity for the productivity of your staff. Replace your POP and IMAP email with real business email and you’ll experience the difference it makes in day.