RIT Phones

Voice Over IP has now become the standard for phone systems. Our team has experienced VOIP technology since 1999 and it certainly has come a long way.

Trends that have made VOIP the option for phone systems are primarily twofold: internet speeds and reliability, and the reliability of technology.

When you consider your typical digital or analog system in business, most businesses would purchase and use the same system for 10 or more years. It works, so why change right?

There are some great reasons to change with the following included to get you thinking:

  • Savings over your current phone service through the major providers
  • Flat monthly fee per phone including: phone, unlimited local and longdistance calling, enterprise phone system customizable to meet your needs, full warranty and support.
  • Advanced features such as: voicemail to email, voicemail to text, web interface to manage calls, voicemail, chat, call recording, and call history.
  • Advanced call-center features such as: queuing, recording, ACD, and management monitoring.

VOIP solutions can include an on-premise server, fully hosted with no server on-site, multi-site, multi-state and even multi-national. Our team is experienced in the design, implementation and support of every option.

Do you want more information, give us a call or shoot an email and we’ll be happy to demonstrate first hand the value of VOIP for your business.