RIT Security

Resurgence IT

Security is the IT buzzword of the last decade and the issue is only intensifying. Is there a way to ensure your company is “Secure”? The fact is, you can spend thousands on multiple solutions and still get infected. So how does Resurgence IT approach security for our clients?

  • The first step is to protect the basics: managed antivirus and Microsoft updates are the key to accomplish this step. If you don’t do the bare minimum, you can’t build from there, and your greatest exposure is still open. This solution includes automated deployment to desktops and manual deployment to servers.
  • The next step is with your public facing equipment such as firewalls and wireless access points. Securing a firewall and wireless access points is approached with the idea of only allowing what and who you need, and disabling all other access. We implement complex passwords and use VPN tunnels for remote staff access to business computers.
  • NIST and other government standards have been adopted to ensure we provide a comprehensive approach to your security.

Do you believe your company is secure? Are there new regulations you are being forced to comply with? Do you know your Security Posture? Please review the section on our site for Security Management and then give us a call to ensure your business is secure!