RIT Server

Resurgence IT

You already know how valuable your data is to your business. Are you confident in where your data is stored, or who has access to it, or if staff has intellectual property stored in personal solutions such as iCloud or Dropbox?

The importance of maintaining control of your business data can not be undervalued. RIT Server Solutions work with these purposes:

  • Store shared data in a central place on a server or possible secure file sync and share application
  • Shared data can be made available to travelling or remote staff to ensure real-time access and updating to critical files for your business.
  • Travelling or remote staff must have their local my documents and desktop backed up always.
  • Company data, shared and critical, must be configured in a way to secure it for ONLY the staff needing access.

Our solutions are designed to bring you fully managed options which include: hardware, licensing, management, and warranty costs so you know what to expect. This provides you a consistent experience enabling access to your data wherever you are.