Security Management

Resurgence IT

Why does your business need Security Management, and what does that term refer to?

Let’s start with what the term refers to. Security threats are real as we have seen now for several decades and even more. Virus’s are created and deployed at an astounding rate with the unfortunate result of businesses needing to create a new focus on defending their data.

Security management is the focused strategy of verifying both externally and internally where your gaps are and providing paths to remediation. You can be doing all the right things with antivirus, updates to Microsoft and other software vendors, implementing complex passwords, and training your staff. That strategy although good, sometimes misses some checks, or process to verify overlooks a step, leaving you partially exposed.

At Resurgence IT, we believe it is critical to confirm the quality of our work. Selfassessment is a great way to verify and double-check and we do that regularly by reviewing process and having technicians verify each other’s work. We take that to a higher, independent level with our Internal and External Security Audits. For these audits, we work with two industry professionals who provide a 3rd party perspective for our clients. We can tell you everything is good, but confirming that with a 3rd party
validates, further providing you with a confidence in us.

Security audits and reviews can be delivered in several ways:

  • We can provide an audit for any company in the world. If you aren’t our client, we would enjoy the opportunity to provide this single project for you.
  • We can also provide an initial audit with monthly confirmation scans and reporting. This option allows you to confirm the gaps, remediate the gaps, and ensure over time they don’t return. That’s peace of mind!
  • These audits include both an external and internal component and full reports provided to audiences from C-Level to advanced Technicians to review.
  • We are also able to provide specific security audits to validate your business for PCI, HIPPAA, SOX or other compliance standards.

With security concerns heightened, having the validation your business is maintaining the best security practices should provide a satisfying peace of mind. Threats are real; however, we can work with you to mitigate and significantly reduce their impact on your business.