Technical Expertise

Resurgence IT

What would the trust of a handshake and a great experience be worth if there was no ability to execute the support? Not much! The bios of our team speak volumes to our staff and their ability and experience. The core staff of Resurgence IT represents over 50 years of IT knowledge. That’s not blowing smoke but legitimate big-time experience.

Together we’ve managed projects which have included:

  • Consolidating a multi-site client of over 100 desktops to a brand-new buildout with a single business day of scheduled downtime.
  • Roll-out of 350 computers to a college in 1 weekend.
  • Security audit and assessment for a large privately held grocery chain.
  • Upgrading a company of 40+ from individual file sharing and email to a fully redundant server, firewall, and wireless solution, with Office 365, managed antivirus, and cloud backup. From plan to completion in  less than 2 months with Zero downtime.
  • Designed and executed the expansion of a great client to multi-state and multi-site including the onboarding of an acquisition. From backups and file sync, to the implementation of a new VOIP phone system and conference room configuration. Desktops to wireless to internet to Office 365, we implemented these solutions without impact to the day to day operation!
  • Many 5-15 user networks where we have helped take them from the mom and pop stage of business IT to solid enterprise solutions without impacting their day to day operation!

From 1 computer to multi-site and multi-state clients of several hundred, we are proud of the expertise we have that benefit our clients at any technical level they need. We handle almost anything ourselves, in-house, and have close relationships with partners to accomplish the rest.

Make us “Your New Beginning In IT Support” and I guarantee we’ll give you a more complete technical expertise than you have ever experienced!